Information about artist grants

The national arts councils award five-, three-, one- and half-year artist grants. The number and duration of grants varies according to artform. The distribution of grants among all the artforms is decided by Taike. In addition, some artist grants are awarded within certain artforms for up to ten years; these are intended for artists of exceptionally high merit (so called artist professor grants).

Each year approximately 11 million euros is paid in artist grants. Around one in ten applicants is awarded a grant. Over 600 artists a year work on the basis of an artist grant.

Previous grant recipients are listed by artform in the sections Allocated grants.

Monthly artist grants

As of 1 April 2018 the amount of monthly artist grants is 1 709,37 euros per month. These grants are tax-free. Taike confirms the amount of artist grants on an annual basis.

These grants include MYEL insurance, i.e. mandatory pension insurance for recipients of a Finnish grant or scholarship awarded to support their artistic or scientific activities.

Annual artist grants

In 2018 the total amount of each annual artist grant is 20 461,72 euros.

Insurance obligation

Recipients of grants are personally responsible for taking out pension and accident insurance. These insurance policies must be applied for within three months of the start of the grant period. Applications should be submitted to the Farmers' Social Insurance Institution Mela.

The insurance covers all recipients who live in Finland and who have been awarded a grant for at least four months of artistic work within Finland. In addition, some artistic work that is carried out abroad is covered by the insurance. Persons who are over the age of 68 or receive an old age pension cannot take out pension insurance.

Further information: Farmers' Social Insurance Institution Mela

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