Information about general grants for cultural magazines and online publications

These grants are intended for cultural magazines published in Finland and online publications in any language that maintain a diverse social discussion about culture, science, the arts or different worldviews. These grants can also be awarded to promoters of the circulation of cultural magazines.

These subsidies can be applied using online service.

These subsidies may be awarded to cultural magazines:  

  • That are professionally produced
  • That are published in printed format, online or as a visual magazine in Finland
  • That are published at least three times a year (printed format and visual magazines) 
  • That are updated regularly (online magazines) 
  • That are available to everyone 
  • That have been published for at least one year 

These subsidies are intended to cover costs related to the publishing of cultural magazines or promoting circulation. The community behind the magazine must commit to supporting the publication financially, strengthening freedom of speech and the social debate. The publisher must have previous experience with publishing cultural magazines in printed or electronic format. 

These subsidies are not awarded  

  • To cultural magazines that serve a community’s internal communications (e.g. magazines for members)
  • To peer-reviewed scientific journals

The minimum amount of each subsidy is 5000 euros. 

Decisions are taken by the Director of Taike based on a presentation by a Special Advisor.