Information about subsidies for promoting cultural diversity and combating racism

These subsidies are intended for communities to support inclusion and participation in culture, as well as intercultural dialogue.

These subsidies support the inclusion and participation of cultural minorities, the realisation of cultural rights, intercultural dialogue, the employment of artists, and the fight against racism.

These subsidies are available to communities of cultural minorities to support their cultural activities, but also to other communities to support activities that promote cultural diversity and combat racism.

The subsidy may be used to support:

  • activities and projects that combat racism and hate speech
  • projects that promote cultural diversity and equality
  • the integration of immigrants by means of the arts and culture
  • the artistic and cultural activities of cultural minorities on their own terms
  • the employment of artists representing immigrants and cultural minorities 

These subsidies may be awarded either as operational subsidies or as special subsidies. Operational subsidies are awarded to cover a community’s basic operating expenses or a specific area of operations. Special subsidies are awarded to support individual projects. Subsidies applied for in order to cover operations may be awarded in the form of a special subsidy for a specific project in the operating plan. Taike shall decide whether the subsidy is awarded as an operational subsidy or as a special subsidy.

The minimum amount of each operational subsidy is 10,000 euros. Smaller amounts are awarded as special subsidies for a project or projects. The minimum amount of each special subsidy is 5000 euros.