The Status of the Artist in Finland 2010 - The Structure of the Artist Community, Work and Income Formation

In addition to producing demographic information about artists and their income level, the aim of the survey was to present phenomena connected to income formation and labour market status.
Kansikuva. Julkaisun nimi kirkkaanpunaisella taustalla.

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Kaija Rensujeff


Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Publishing place and year

Helsinki 2015



The survey in particular considered the following:

  1. The structure of the artist community and its development.
  2. The labour market status of artists and changes connected to this.
  3. The share of artistic work, arts-related work and non-arts work.
  4. Income formation and changes connected to this.
  5. The significance of public support within various fields of art.
  6. Income level (taxable income, grants and total income) and the development of the income level