Call for projects within Creative and Cultural Innovation Expertise ESF+ theme attracts 81 applications

The call for projects within the Creative and Cultural Innovation Expertise ESF+ theme ended on 15 May 2023. Many new projects within the creative sectors participated in the first call for applications. Altogether, 6 million euros has been allocated for the selected projects.
Funded by the European Union.

National ESF+ funding is available for implementing pilot and development projects that strengthen the creative industries, creative economy, and expertise within the arts and culture sectors. The first call for projects opened on 15 March 2023 and attracted 81 applications. Of these, 50 are projects to be implemented by one person and 31 are group projects.

Applications were received from a wide range of actors in the creative sectors, many of whom were applying for this form of ESF+ funding for the first time. Applicants are supported by the Creative Net coordination team at Taike, which has organised project sparring and info briefings about funding for professionals within the creative sectors.

“The world of ESF+ projects may seem quite foreign to those in the creative sectors, especially to small and medium-sized actors. Our aim is to make these application processes less intimidating by offering support and encouraging creatives to apply for funding,” says Sofia-Charlotta Kakko, Project Manager of the Creative Net at Taike.

The total amount of funding applied for in the first round was more than 20 million euros, whereas a total of approximately 6 million euros has been allocated. The total amount of funding available to projects during the 2021–2027 programme period is 13.6 million euros. The ELY Centre for Häme serves as the funding authority for the programme.

Projects approved for funding and next calls for applications to be announced this autumn

The ELY Centre for Häme will now evaluate all the project applications that were received. According to the preliminary schedule, the projects approved for funding will be announced in September-October.

Information about the next calls for projects within the Creative and Cultural Innovation Expertise ESF+ theme will also be available this autumn once the decisions for the first round have been made. Projects within the arts, culture and creative sectors can also apply for regional funding under the “New expertise for working life” theme; application criteria and schedules can be found on the Structural Funds website.


Further information 

Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike), Sofia-Charlotta Kakko, Project Manager, [email protected], +358 (0)295 330 912 

ELY Centre for Häme, Minna Taipale, Financing Specialist, [email protected], +358 (0)295 025 106