Changes to regional grants and artist grants

Regional grants and artist grants awarded by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) can be applied for during the period 1 March – 3 April 2024. A few changes have been made to these grants compared to last year. Artists can now apply for a regional grant to cover work and expenses using the same application. Regional grants can be applied for from one region and with one application only. For artist grants, it is no longer possible to apply for a ten-year Artist Professor grant.

Regional grants

Regional grants are intended for professional artists and art journalists, as well as working groups formed by them.

Previously, funding to cover work and expenses had to be applied for separately. Now, the same application form can be used to apply for a grant intended for expenses (previously referred to as a project grant) and work for a period of up to six months.

Working groups can also apply for regional grants. The same person cannot act as the contact person for a working group and also apply for a regional grant as an individual. However, those applying as an individual can also be a member of other working groups.

Taike has limited the number of applications per person to just one due to the rapid increase in the number of applications. The use of a single application also reduces the burden on those applying for funding.
Taike’s regional arts councils will make their decisions by the end of June. Limiting the number of applications helps ensure that decisions can be made according to schedule.

A total of 2,440,000 euros has been allocated for regional grants this year, which is 360,000 euros less than in 2023. Appropriations for regional grants were cut as these partially overlap with Taike’s other forms of support.

Artist grants

Artist grants are intended to support the work of professional artists and art journalists in different fields of the arts. The duration of artist grants varies from six months to five years.

Previously, distinguished artists could apply for an artist grant in the form of an Artist Professor grant for a period of five or ten years, during which the recipient is entitled to use the title of Artist Professor. Artist Professor grants can no longer be applied for separately. Instead, national arts councils can now choose to award the title of Artist Professor among recipients of five-year artist grants. A total of four Artist Professor grants can be awarded during this round of applications, and they can be awarded for artists working in the fields of the visual arts, multidisciplinary art, illustrations and comics, circus art, dance art, theatre and photographic art. Ten-year Artist Professor grants are no longer available and in practice have not been awarded in years.

The national arts councils will make their decisions by the end of September. A total of around 370 new artist grants will be awarded. Artist grants are not subject to cuts in 2024.