Taike accepts proposals for members of arts councils

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) is currently accepting nominations for candidates to its national and regional arts councils for the next two-year term, which begins on 1 January 2025. The deadline for nominations is 31 May 2024.

Taike sent approximately 700 requests for nominations to national and regional actors in the arts sector at the beginning of March. The requests were sent by e-mail and invite proposals for members of Taike’s national and regional arts councils for the 2025–2026 term. In addition to recipients of these official requests, all other actors in the arts sector may nominate candidates using the online form.

Taike invites candidates of different ages, living in different parts of Finland and representing different genders. In addition, candidates should represent the different subgenres of each artform, as well as the diversity of the arts and culture sector as a whole.

The national and regional arts councils serve as Taike’s expert bodies. The most important task of their members is to act as experts and peer reviewers within their own field of the arts and region. Art councils decide on the awarding of grants and prizes.

The work of arts councils is currently undergoing reforms, which will cause changes starting from the 2027–2028 term. The reforms do not affect the appointing of nominees this spring or the work of arts councils for the 2025–2026 term. 

The Central Arts Council will appoint the members in October.

Further information

Read more about Taike’s national arts councils and regional arts councils.

If you have been nominated for an arts council or are considering being nominated, you can read more about what membership entails on our info page (in Finnish).