Immigrant artists in the Finnish support system for the arts - Summary

This study aims to clarify how persons classified as immigrants are treated within the Finnish support system and by art policy. Is equality realised or are some applicants overlooked within support policies?
Julkaisun kansikuva. Musta teksti vihreällä taustalla.

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Paula Karhunen


Arts Promotion Centre Finland

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Helsinki 2013



This research on the position of immigrant artists as applicants and recipients of grants is based on a practical need. On the general level it has been known that both society on the whole and the field of the arts are diversifying. Since the beginning of the 2000s, attention has been paid in annual grant statistics to the group whose native language is neither Finnish nor Swedish. The question has arisen as to how “diverse” the field of art in Finland really is and to what extent a multicultural art policy has been implemented in Finland.