Art, Health and Wellbeing Advisory services

The work of an artist has an impact. In the field of cultural wellbeing, art has a long-term impact on people’s wellbeing and health.

The objective of our advisory services for cultural wellbeing is to make the work of artists a valued and natural part of activities that promote wellbeing and health. We are seeking a solution that would help social services and healthcare experts find each other throughout Finland.

Our customers

We provide assistance with planning and launching activities, as well as with knowledge management. Customers who can benefit from our services include the following:

  • Art communities that want to help their members find employment in the cultural wellbeing sector.
  • Communities and companies in the social services and healthcare sector that want to establish cultural wellbeing activities and require information.
  • Municipalities that require advisory services for implementing cultural wellbeing activities in accordance with the Act on Cultural Activities in Local Government.
  • Wellbeing and health coordinators and parties responsible for proactive cultural work.
  • Providers of workplace services in social and health care sector.
  • …And maybe you too!


  • According to research, art has an impact on people’s wellbeing and health. Art should be brought to places where people do not have access to art. Art can also contribute towards preventing exclusion. We have heard numerous touching stories about the power and significance of art in people’s lives. We share information based on both experiences and research.
  • Our activities are based on interaction.

Art, Health and Wellbeing Advisory team

The work of Regional Artists is mainly carried out as projects within specific fields of the art, while the work of Art Advisors involves broad-based joint development activities within the field of cultural wellbeing. Contact us!


Our Advisory Services are based on work performed within the Development Programme for the Use of Art to Promote Wellbeing in 2015-2019. The programme’s reports and info videos can be found here (in Finnish).

The World Health Organization’s report “What is the evidence on the role of the arts in improving health and well-being? A scoping review (2019)” can be found here.

Art! A Handbook for Art, Health and Wellbeing

The first Finnish-language handbook for cultural wellbeing (Taidetta! Kulttuurihyvinvoinnin käsikirja) has been published. A summary of the handbook in English can be found here.

Johanna, Esa, Isto, Venla and Heli. Foto: Jaakko Kemppainen

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