Heli Kauhanen

Job title
Arts Advisor
Term of office
Heli Kauhanen
Phone number

+358 295 330 876

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I am an Arts Advisor and work in Taike’s art, health and wellbeing advisory services. In my work, I promote the embedding of cultural wellbeing in societal structures.

According to research, art has an impact on people’s wellbeing and health. In my work, I strive to create, find and co-develop structures that promote the use of art and cultural wellbeing. I also strive to increase awareness of cultural wellbeing and strengthen networks. The objective is to employ professional artists and develop operational, evaluation and financing models.

In practice, my work involves cooperating with authorities, serving as an expert, engaging in development work in various working groups and expert networks, and joint development activities with Taike’s art, health and wellbeing advisory services team.

Cultural wellbeing touches each of us, which is why I find my work meaningful and important. I work so that art reaches those who need it.