AVARA webinar: Sustainable Digital Creativity

Are you seeking perspectives on reducing your digital carbon footprint in creative work? In the AVARA webinar, Alice Bonnot from Julie's Bicycle will guide you through the themes of Sustainable Digital Creativity. The webinar serves as a preview event for the AVARA – Art & Tech <3 Sustainability event.
Lähikuvassa jalat ja erivärisiä valotehosteita.
Photo: Jenina B. / Design Inspis

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Wed 8.11.2023 at 14.30 — 16.00

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Webinar organizer logos: OAMK, S+T+ARTS, European Comission,  Julie's Bicycle,Arts Promotion Centre Taike, Co-Founded by the European Union


Join us for a comprehensive webinar on Sustainable Digital Creativity, where we will delve into the environmental and social challenges posed by the digital landscape and explore how the culture and arts sector can take action. Learn practical strategies to reduce your digital footprint and gain insights from sector case studies that showcase successful environmental sustainability efforts.

This webinar offers a chance to get a better understanding of the environmental issues relating to digital, including devices, e-waste and digital footprint, and the tangible steps toward a greener and more sustainable digital culture.

The webinar is led by Julie’s Bicycle’s environmental sustainability specialist, Alice Bonnot, and features guest speakers artist Dan Barnard (Fast Familiar/the Networked Condition), Executive Director Lou Hargreaves (Abandon Normal Devices), and artist Solimán López (The Manifesto Terricola project).

The webinar will also feature Pollinator Pathmaker, an artwork for pollinators by artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

AVARA webinar is created by Julie’s Bicycle (UK) and organized by Arts Promotion Centre Finland’s Creative Net project (ESF+) and Centre for Arts Innovation (CAI) at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences.  

The webinar will be held in English.

AVARA webinar is a preview event for AVARA – Art & Tech <3 Sustainability. AVARA – Art & Tech <3 Sustainability will be held in Oulu on the 16th and 17th of November as an in-person event. Register by November 7th to participate.

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Pia Repo, Creative Net project, Arts Promotion Centre Finland

Sustainable Digital Creativity 
Alice Bonnot, Julie’s Bicycle

Pollinator Pathmaker 
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg

The Networked Condition 
Dan Barnard, Fast Familiar & Lou Hargreaves, Abandon Normal Devices

Manifesto Terricola 
Solimán López




AVARA webinar is free and open for everyone. Registration is open until 7th November at 16:00 (EET UTC +02:00). When registering, you can submit pre-questions for the speakers.

The webinar will be available for viewing from November 9 on Taike’s YouTube channel, and English subtitles will be added within two weeks.


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Producer Pia Repo, Creative Net, Arts Promotion Centre Finland,  
+358 (0)295 330 857, [email protected]

Project Manager Julia Heikkinen, Oulu University of Applied Sciences,  
+358 (0)50 5288 897, [email protected]  

Julie’s Bicycle is a pioneering not-for-profit organisation mobilising the arts and culture to take action on the climate, nature and justice crisis. Founded in 2007, JB’s origins were in the music industry. Now working right across the cultural sector, JB has partnered with over 2,000 organisations in the UK and internationally.

Combining cultural and environmental expertise, Julie’s Bicycle focuses on high-impact programmes and policy change to meet the climate crisis head-on. We exist at the heart of a thriving informal network of people who share our vision, supporting others on their journey, and helping to catalyse new projects at the intersection of culture and climate. juliesbicycle.com

Arts Promotion Centre Finland’s Creative Net is the coordination project for the Creative and Cultural Innovation Expertise ESF+ theme. Creative Net supports projects under the ESF+ theme and those applying for funding.  

The Centre for Arts Innovation (CAI) was established in 2022 at the Oulu University of Applied Sciences to undertake long-term, innovative, cross-sectoral testing and training with new technologies, with the aim of transforming practice and advancing new forms of artistic content creation.

The CAI organizes the AVARA Art & Tech festival & AVARA Testbeds to promote innovations raising from the experimentation and cooperation of art and technology professionals, thereby supporting new forms of art and new ways of experiencing art being born. AVARA is a part of the Oulu 2026 European Capital of Culture programme.