Changes to November’s call for applications for project grants

Project grants awarded by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) in different artforms can be applied for this month, 1–30 November. A few changes have been made to the call for applications for project grants compared to last year. Artists can apply for a project grant with one application only and for one project only. Taike has also provided new guidelines regarding the amount of work covered by a project grant.

Taike has limited the number of applications per person to just one due to the rapid increase in the number of applications. Correspondingly, each applicant can also be the contact person for no more than one working group. There is no limit to the number of working groups that each applicant can belong to.

The maximum amount that can be applied for to cover working costs is now 6000 euros per person, which is a new guideline. The minimum amount of each project grant is 2500 euros, as before.

Project grants are intended to cover the costs of individual projects made by professional artists and working groups formed by them in 2024–2025. The deadline for submitting applications is 16:00 (4:00pm) on the last day of the application period. Taike’s national arts councils will make their decisions by the end of March. Limiting the number of applications will help ensure that all decisions are made according to the schedule.

Taike submits information about all grant decisions for publication on the website

Taike submits summarised information about decisions for all calls for applications announced since 1 October to the joint service. For grants awarded to artists, only positive grant decisions are published. The recipient of a grant or subsidy does not have the right refuse publication of their name on the service. The obligation to submit information to the service applies to all state aid authorities in accordance with legal requirements.

The information published on the service is limited to the applicant’s name, regional location, and the intended use and amount of the grant or subsidy. No other information about applications by private individuals is published.

Taike currently publishes decisions also on its own website. Applicants can choose when applying whether they consent to the publication of the decision on the Taike website. The submission of decision information to the service cannot be refused, however, even if the applicant has not given consent to the publication of their name on the Taike website.

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