"Unfortunately we could not..." – effects of denial decisions on grants (English summary)

This study looks at the f unctionality and effectiven ess of the working grant system from the viewpoint of the artist who receives a denial decision on his or her working grant application.

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Pauli Rautiainen


Arts Council of Finland

Publishing place and year

Helsinki 2010



The first part of the study contains statistical analyses of how well the artists who received a denial decision on a working grant for the year 2006 succeeded in getting other forms of state support (i.e. project grants, travel grants, library grants) for that year. The data has been obtained from the joint grant register of the Arts Council of Finland and the Ministry of Education (Harava- register).

The second part of the study contains the results of a survey based on recipients’ assessments of the effects of the denial decision and the functionality of the working grant system. The study population consists of artists who applied for a working grant for 2006. A questionnaire was sent to a total of 712 artists and the response rate was 64 per cent.