Working Conditions and International Activities of Professionals in Design and Comics (English summary)

Survey of the members of artists' organizations in the fields of design and comics.

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Publication authors

Merja Heikkinen


Arts Council of Finland

Publishing place and year

Helsinki 1998



The report is based on a survey conducted by the Research and Information Unit of the Arts Council of Finland at the request of the National Council for Crafts and Design. The Council for Crafts and Design was first and foremost interested in gathering information on the international activities of the field, such as exhibitions, marketing and working abroad. The survey also provided an opportunity to gain information about the different professions of this heterogeneous field and about their working conditions.

The survey is based on a questionnaire, which was sent to the members of professional organisations in the field covered by the National Council for Crafts and Design. These consist of the following organisations: Ornamo – the Finnish Association of Designers, Grafia – the association of graphic designers, and Sarjakuvantekijät - the association of comics artists. Ornamo is a federation of professional associations with the following member organisations: Fashion Designers, Interior Architects, Craftsmen, Textile Designers, Industrial Designers.