Strategy of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) for 2015–20

Best expert and service organisation for art and artist policies in 2020.

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) is an expert and service agency whose task is to promote the arts, as well as the work and livelihoods of professional artists.

Taike is

  • the key funding agency for the arts and artistic work, as well as an advocate of public support for the arts
  • a promoter of the intrinsic value and autonomy of the arts
  • an expert and active and strong influence in art and artist policies
  • a developer of new cooperation, funding and operating models for the arts and a networking organisation.

Taike implements the art and culture policies of the Ministry of Education and Culture within the framework of its duties and under the supervision of the ministry.

The elected bodies that work in connection with Taike are art policy experts that perform peer reviews of the applications submitted to Taike. The Central Arts Council also serves as an advisory body to the Ministry of Education and Culture in policymaking regarding the arts. Taike ensures the autonomy of the arts through peer reviews.

Taike plays an active role in society by promoting:

  • the livelihood and working conditions of artists and therefore the availability and accessibility of the arts
  • the internationalisation of the arts
  • the diversity of the arts and intercultural dialogue
  • the status and visibility of the arts in society and the rights of citizens to art and culture.

Taike implements these targets by applying its core expertise as a funding agency and expert in the arts.

Taike evaluates the implementation of its strategic targets annually in connection with its annual report and if necessary reviews its targets on the basis of this evaluation.

Taike's values are expertise, openness and respect

Taike's values guide its operations and relationships with the art community, society and our own work community. The work community has taken the Taike pledge, which defines how Taike's values are manifested in its operations and in its relationships to the art community and society. Taike's values are also reflected in the four-year action plans for each area of responsibility within the organisation.

Taike promotes the continuity of art and artist policies in a changing operating environment

Our operating environment will change in many ways over the coming years. Amid these changes, Taike shall play an active role in the debate concerning the administration and promotion of the arts and develop its operations accordingly. Changes in the operating environment are reviewed annually in the performance agreement.

The megatrends affecting Taike's operations include

  • changes to the role and tasks of public administration,
  • advances in digitalisation and a more global operating culture and
  • changes in public funding for the arts. These megatrends are reflected in our relationships with the art community, society and our own work community.

"Taike's job is to look after the primary production of art" – Samu Forsblom, Creative Director, Chairperson of the Arts Council of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu.

Taike's operational objectives for 2020:

  • Finland's leading expert organisation for art and artist policies

By 2020 Taike has established its position as an expert in art and artist policies. Networking cooperation in the field of art and artist policies as well as partnerships with other administrative bodies are part of Taike's routine operations. The agency's development needs in terms of expertise are taken into consideration by means of employee training. The expertise of the agency's elected bodies and their members who perform peer reviews is utilised broadly in Taike's operations. With its expertise Taike produces information about professional artists, the arts and its own activities and identifies needs for change.

  • A service organisation founded on the needs of artists and the field of the arts

By 2020 Taike has created an electronic service package based on the needs of its customers and peer reviewers that is of the highest quality in terms of usability. The development of these services shall utilise the joint customer service points of the entire public administration system and the e-service opportunities they offer. Taike complies with the principles of open administration in its activities and provides its services using clear and easy to understand language.

  • An agency whose structure, division of duties and resources correspond with the tasks assigned to it

By 2020 Taike has reorganised its structure and operating methods to correspond better with the tasks assigned to it. Taike has clarified its division of duties with other public administration bodies. In all these changes the structure of the agency serves the tasks assigned to it. Participatory arts administration has been strengthened, for example by establishing operating models for networking cooperation. The participation of employees and responding to new needs for change are ensured in the changes.

"Art expands our horizons" – Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Art Academian, Member of the Central Arts Council.

Taike's arts promotion objective for 2020:

  • High-quality and diverse art

By 2020 Taike has developed its direct artist grants to respond to the needs of professional artists and communities of free artists. Clarifying the internal and external division of duties has ensured support that recognises the needs of high-quality and diverse art. Taike has firmly established the procedures of its peer review bodies. Taike utilises the expertise among its peer reviewers and the field of the arts in its own arts promotion activities.

  • Established cross-sector activities among artists and cooperation that promotes livelihoods

By 2020 Taike's grants and subsidies create even better opportunities for practicing the arts professionally. Taike has participated in creating established forms of arts promotion cooperation covering the entire public administration system. With its cooperation partners, Taike has ensured the prerequisites for practicing the arts professionally, as well as a social security and pensions system for artists that is sustainable and equal to that of other professions. Taike participates in developing new forms of artistic work. Through its own activities, Taike promotes the employment opportunities of artists in all public administration projects.

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