Taike to submit information about applications and decisions to

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) will submit summarised information about decisions for all calls for applications announced since 1 October to the joint service. For subsidies to communities, both positive and negative subsidy decisions will be published on the website. For grants to artists, only positive grant decisions will be published.

The information to be published on the service is limited to the applicant’s name, regional location, and the intended use and amount of the grant or subsidy. No other information about applications by private individuals will be published. The recipient of a grant or subsidy does not have the right refuse publication of their name on the service.

Taike also submits summarised information about calls for applications to the joint service. Taike grants and subsidies can be applied for only via the Taike website with the exception of project subsidies for cultural magazines and online publications, for which a new system is being piloted from 2-10 October 2023.

The obligation to submit information as of 1 October 2023 applies to all state aid authorities in accordance with Section 32 of the Act on Discretionary Government Grants 688/2001, 1394/2022). Accordingly, state aid authorities must submit information to the joint system of the State Treasury about all calls for applications announced since 1 October 2023, as well as related applications and decisions.

Publication of decisions on the Taike website

Taike currently publishes decisions also on its own website. For subsidies to communities, positive decisions are published. For grants to artists, applicants can choose when applying whether they consent to the publication of the decision on the Taike website. The submission of decision information to the service cannot be refused, however, even if the applicant has not given consent to the publication of their name on the Taike website.

News updated on 4 October 2023: Domicile has been changed to regional location. Mention of private traders has been removed. Information about the submission of information about calls for applications to the joint service has been added.