Programmes and projects

Taike's development functions are organised under advisory services and development programmes.

The objective of development programmes is to promote the status and working conditions of artists, as well as to enhance the impact of the arts within society. These goals are realised within projects in which Taike’s regional artists play a central role.

Further information about programmes and projects is available in Finnish.

Advisory services

Public art advisory services

Taike offers advisory services for actors in the public and private sectors for developing art processes in the built environment and awards special subsidies for projects that apply the principle “1% of Construction Costs for Art”.

Long-term development programmes

Development programme for cultural diversity and mobility

The objective of this programme is to promote the understanding of diversity in the arts, intercultural dialogue and collaboration between majority and minority cultures and the mobility of artists, as well as to develop international networks with a focus on the Nordic countries and Barents region.

Development programme for the working conditions of artists

The objective of this programme is to promote the position of artists in society and working life, as well as to develop employment structures for artists and increase their opportunities to work.

Short-term development programmes

Development programme for children’s and youth culture

The objective of this programme is to strengthen the position and status of professional artists working with children’s and youth culture, as well as to improve the availability and accessibility of art among children and young people.

Period: 2016–2020

Development programme for the use of art to promote wellbeing

The development programme has come to an end. The objective of this programme was to create a broad and established funding base for art activities that support wellbeing, as well as to make changes to existing structures and attitudes. The new service is under construction and will start in May 2020.

Period: 2015–2019

Development programme for artistic expertise and mediation

The objective of this programme is to make visible new ways of applying artist expertise and to provide access to artist expertise as broadly as possible within society. The programme also supports the development, diversification, organisation and networking of intermediary expertise.

Period: 2018–2022

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