Public Art Advisory Services

The Public Art Advisory Services support new art projects and public art development projects. Our partners include actors in both the public and private sectors.

Our objectives

  • To support the implementation of new Percent for Art projects
  • To strengthen the high quality of Percent for Art projects
  • To support the use of art in building good environments
  • To make Percent for Art activities systematic and continuous throughout Finland

Our services

  • Providing assistance to municipalities and regional museums for building public art strategies and structures
  • Providing assistance to property developers for planning art acquisitions as part of their construction projects
  • Providing assistance to art buyers, designers and artists for finding new partners for art projects in the built environment
  • Providing assistance to public authorities for strengthening strategic work to bring together art and the built environment
  • Sharing good practices (incl. agreement practices, procurement practices, guidelines, programme models)
  • Participating in networks connecting different art sectors in the built environment
  • Strengthening public art communications and media visibility

In addition, we award subsidies to new projects and development projects.

Our team

The team comprises special advisors whose aim is to strengthen the share of art projects in the development of the built environment and a commitment to the Percent for Art principle. 

Maija Kasvinen
I specialise in new public art forms, opportunities and innovations. I am an experienced public art curator and have worked in several art museums and galleries.

Mari Kemppinen
I am an expert in the practical structures that connect art to construction projects. I have a wealth of experience in art coordination practices in the construction industry and in cross-sectoral professional cooperation.

Mika Savela
My background is in architecture, urban planning and research. I work in many fields at the interfaces of architecture, design, art, culture and urbanism. I also work in the field of architectural policy.

Leevi Lehtinen
My goal is to strengthen the models of the Percent for Art principle, especially in northern Finland. My background is an animation director and media artist, but my work as an art expert and in the field of development has gone hand in hand with my artistic work in recent years.

Antti Huntus, Team Leader, Senior Specialist

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