The Finnish Architectural Policy - The Government’s architectural policy programme 17 December 1998

In its architectural policy the government is defining the goals for action to be taken by the public authorities in order to enhance architecture.

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Heini Korpelainen


Arts Council of Finland

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Helsinki 1999



The architectural policy emphasises both the citizens’ right and duty to take responsibility of their own environments. This is why architectural education and information about architecture needs to be enhanced. Other important goals of the policy are:

  • to raise the quality of public building and property management to a higher level and thus set an example
  • to the whole construction sector in our country
  • to promote the use of methods which will advance good architecture and high quality building
  • to enhance innovation through professional architectural education and through research and development
  • work
  • to enhance the conservation of our architectural heritage and development of the environments as a part of
  • cultural history and architecture.