Taike support for the promotion of arts and culture in 2017

Funding and support by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) in 2017.

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Centret för konstfrämjande


Taiteen edistämiskeskus

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Helsinki 2018

  • The operations of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) comprise of support for artistic and cultural activities in the form of awarding grants and subsidies, as well as development and project activities that are implemented primarily by regional artists employed throughout Finland. These two assignments constitute arts promotion.
  • In 2017 Taike supported artistic and cultural activities through grants, subsidies and awards amounting to 35,3 million euros. This amount represents a 3 percent growth which is over 1 million euros more than in the previous year. Primarily this growth is explained by a new form of support as well as the role of a key project of the government.
  • Including the work of regional artists as well as other arts promotion work performed by the centre, a total of 37,6 million euros was spent for the promotion of arts and culture in 2017. When compared to the previous year, this figure represents a growth of close to three percent.
  • The funds used for arts promotion come from two sources. Statutory support in the form of state artist grants and grants for writers and translators (i.e. library grants) is paid from the state budget. Other discretionary support is paid from lottery funds, which account for 58 percent of the funds allocated for arts promotion.
  • When compared to the previous year, funds for most of Taike’s support schemes remained largely the same. Some of the changes that have occurred are due to the movement of funds to another budget article. For example, the subsidies for the advancement of multiculturalism have decreased by 19 000 euros because that sum has been added to multicultural project grants. Real increase only occurs in the key project support (expanding the one percent rule) of the Sipilä government. Decrease, on the other hand, has occurred in the “actual” percentage art (one percent of construction costs for arts) support scheme.