Media Art

Media art is something that I can experience without even seeking it out.

- Irmeli

© Antti Luostarinen / Hahmo. Artists: Noora Aaltonen and Elina Tenho.
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Media Art

Media art utilises electronic media, technologies and related theories. The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) includes light and sound art within the scope of media art. Light art utilises various forms of light, from lasers to sunlight. Sound art utilises instruments that produce and transmit sound, as well as different ways of listening to sound. Taike supports the work of media artists both in Finland and internationally.

The National Council for Audiovisual Art awards artist grants and project grants to support the work of media artists, light artists and sound artists, as well as workshops, exhibitions and other projects. Taike also awards operational subsidies and special subsidies to media art organisations, media art festivals and other related events.

The Centre for the Promotion of Audiovisual Culture (AVEK) supports the production of short films, documentary films, animation films, and media art, as well as related festivals and events. The Centre for the Promotion of Visual Art (VISEK) allocates grants for audiovisual art productions and digital art.

Other key actors in this field include Muu Artists’ Association, AV-arkki – the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art, the Finnish Media Network, the Media Culture Association m-cult, Pixelache Piknik Frequency ry, the Finnish Light Art Association, the Art & Craft School Robotti, the Finnish Bioart Society, Äänen lumo and the Northern Media Culture Association Magneetti.

Last modified: 03.09.2018
Taike distributes 34 million euros in seventh round of COVID-19 support

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) distributed 30.4 million euros in COVID-19 grants and 3.6 million euros in COVID-19 subsidies in the seventh round of COVID-19 support at the beginning of...

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Artists believe in the future – optimism created by a strong belief in their own work, artistry and ability to influence their own future as artists

According to the latest Arts and Culture Barometer, artists have an optimistic view of the future, but concerns about their livelihoods and ability to cope are undermining their wellbeing. The...

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State prizes awarded to 13 distinguished artists and art communities

The national arts councils of the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) have awarded state prizes to distinguished artists, artist groups and art communities.

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Application period for Taike grants begins on 1 October

Changes have been made to calls for applications for grants. Grants for mobility are being offered for the last time; in future, support for internationalisation and foreign travel can be applied...

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Taike announces new call for applications beginning 1 May for COVID-19 grants for professionals in the creative industries affected by the coronavirus

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) is providing emergency funding to professionals in the fields of the arts and culture whose livelihoods have been weakened due to the coronavirus pandemic....

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State prizes awarded to 14 artists

The national arts councils have awarded state prizes in the fields of architecture, cinema, the performing arts, literature, the visual arts, children’s culture, media art, multidisciplinary art,...

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Survey on Livelihood of Artists

The theme of this year’s Arts and Culture Barometer is the livelihood of artists. Data for the barometer is gathered by means of an online survey that is open to artists working in all fields of...

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Open call for Artist in Residence, Games as Art

A hospital based artist residency project. We are looking for an artistic game developer, specialising in programming and experimental /interactive electronics.

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Finland’s first regional artist for outsider art begins work

Ethnomusicologist Esa Vienamo (MA) has been appointed regional artist for outsider art. The role of the regional artist for outsider art is to promote the artistic work opportunities of outsider...

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Taike appoints Finland’s first regional artist for games as art

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike) has appointed Jaakko Kemppainen MA (New Media and Game Design, Aalto University), MSc (Digital Culture, University of Jyväskylä) regional artist for games...

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