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Finnish design has strong traditions and is recognised around the world.

The field of design is very broad. Industrial designers, interior architects, furniture designers, graphic designers, fashion designers, textile artists, ceramists, jewellery artists and artisans all work in the field of design.

In recent years design has expanded from traditional product design towards immaterial design, which includes strategic design services, brand design, digital design and designing services.

The Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the National Council for Architecture and Design support the field of design by awarding grants and subsidies to individual artists, groups and communities. 

Last modified: 13.11.2017
State Prize for Design to Mikko Kärkkäinen

Mikko Kärkkäinen is one of Finland’s prominent industrial designers.

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State grant for art procurements in accordance with the principle “1% of construction costs for art” – application period begins on 2 June

The grant is intended for communities such as municipalities, municipal federations, companies, foundations and associations that procure works of art for construction projects in accordance with...

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State Prize for Design 2012 awarded to Pentagon Design

The 2012 State Prize for Design has been awarded to industrial designers Arni Aromaa and Sauli Suomela, founders of Pentagon Design. The prize sum for the award is €15,000. The award will be...

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Nordic design experts present four ways to nudge the changing face of design forward toward a well-designed Finland in 2030

Design professionals who attended the Design Round Table organised as part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 programme envisioned what a well-designed Finland would look like in 2030 and...

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National Council for Design promotes the internationalisation of Finnish design

The National Council for Design has awarded project grants and special subsidies for international networking during the World Design Capital theme year. Altogether 127,000 euros was awarded to 12...

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Design Round Table 2012 to convene over a hundred design experts to discuss the internationalisation of design

The National Council for Design and Demos Helsinki are hosting the Design Round Table 2012 to discuss the internationalisation of design at the World Design Capital Pavilion in Helsinki on 8 June....

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Design Round Table 2012 brings together design experts on 8 June

The National Council for Design is hosting the Design Round Table 2012, which will bring together design experts and leaders from Finland, Scandinavia and Estonia for one day on 8 June to discuss...

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