Dance allows you to experience different worlds spaces and emotions.

- Ida

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Finland is home to approximately 1000 dance artists, the majority of whom are not employed by theatres that receive statutory state support. For these independent artists, the support available from the National Council for Circus and Dance is the primary source of income.

Most contemporary dance debuts are freelance productions that are supported by the National Council for Circus and Dance through grants and subsidies. The majority of this support is allocated to enable nationwide performances so that audiences can watch and experience dance regardless of where they live.

Currently 17 independent dance groups are included within the scope of operational subsidies allocated by the National Council for Circus and Dance. In addition, project grants are awarded to individual artists, working groups and dance groups that are not eligible for operational subsidies.

In addition to theatres that receive statutory state support (9) from the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Arts Promotion centre distributes support also to regional dance centres throughout Finland.

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