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Here you can find all our recordings and videos (in Finnish).

Municipal afternoons

Municipal afternoons is a series of remote events that address important themes related to the cultural activities of municipalities and the arts sector. The participants discuss the topics through practical examples.

Municipal afternoons were held in spring 2022 on 25 January, 29 March, 26 April and 3 May.

Working for the municipality – employing artists on a monthly salary (25 January 2022) 

Kunnalla töissä – kuinka kuukausipalkkainen taiteilijuus toimii? (25.1.2022)

Facilities for making and experiencing art – space solutions in municipalities (29 March 2022)

Tilaa taiteen tekemiselle ja kokemiselle, tilaratkaisut kunnissa (29.3.2022)

Miten hankkia taiteilijan palveluja kuntaan? (26.4.2022)

How to offer the services of artists to municipalities? (3 May 2022) 

Miten tarjota taiteilijan palveluja kuntaan? (3.5.2022)